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Arnd Bernaerts

August 1st, 2006

Subject: The thesis naval war changes climate explained.
Reference: “War changes Climate – The Naval War Effect”, June 2006.

Dear Madam or Sir,
Dear Friends,

In January 2006 this websites went online giving access to a number of essays on topics concerned with climate change in the navigation box: Previous Essays. Among them is a short paper from 1996 titled: “Climatic Change 1939-1945 – A Matter Of War At Sea?” The interest in the thesis than was not very overwhelming.

This might now change. One month ago my second book explaining the thesis in details has been published by Trafford/Canada, ISBN 141209059-8, and is available online on Actually you will find a ‘bundle’ of thesis, facts, explanations, and evidence, demonstrating the interrelation between the only two major climatic shifts during the last century, and the two World Wars, 1914-1918, and 1939-1945.

The rational behind all the efforts is simple. The ocean is the ultimate driving force behind our daily weather and climate. Since long climate should have been defined as “the continuation of the oceans by other means”. An imprecise word for ‘long term weather statistics’ would thus have been given a reasonable meaning. The naval war thesis is strongly supporting this view.

Hoping that you will find the new book an interesting reading, I am wishing you well.

Arnd Bernaerts

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