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May 2010, Pacific Congress on Marine Science & Technology (PACON) 22nd International Conference

March 2010: Where is sea ice in winter 2009/10?

January 2010,   Is the climatic shift since winter 1939/40 a sea related matter?, 

December 2009, Two great New York Times journalists!

September 2009, Is 70 Years Ignorance not enough? The biggest Climatic Shift Started in Autumn 1939.

Juli 21, 2009  REALCLIMATE on: „Warming, interrupted

July 9,2009  Honolulu Temperature Record in the 1940s – Wrong?

June 2009  The Arctic and the talking 
about the “Apocalypse Now”

April 2009 The Arctic, Al Gore and better understanding

March III 2009,   NEW BOOK on
How Spitsbergen Heats the World

12th March 2009  The IARU International Scientific Congress on Climate Change, in  Copenhagen, Denmark, 10 – 12 March 2009.
Poster Session; P06.06

March 2009, A climate revolution in the Arctic?

February 2009 Pohjola, V. (2007); „Arctic Warming – a Perspective from Svalbard“,

2009, Januar Arctic Warming started – 90 years ago – January 1939 - Does the Arctic scream, and why?-

2008, December "Christmas Quiz due to NYT Report
 on  25 December 1939"

2008, June „Who Rules the Climate”? 

2008, May  WORLD CLIMATE REPORT on: A Sea Surface Story

2008, April  Who is going to explain the global cooling 
from 1940 to about 1970? 
When will NASA expert James Hansen do it?

2008, February  IPCC ignores the start of a four decade cooling in winter 1939/40. Why?
J. Everett emphasizes that cooling, rather than warming, is in our future.

2008,  January 14    Laurence I. Gould asks:
“What is a scientific consensus on dangerous global warming”?

2007, Oktober    Subject: Joining the discussion on Arctic Warming by Andrew C. Revkin, 2 Oct. 2007, NYT and by the Climate-Weblog, World Climate Report (WCR), 18 Oct. 2007. 

2007, Juli   „Ice-cap found to be thinning“

2007, April  ' Big warming ' at Spitsbergen in winter 1918/19

2007, March  IPCC’s ‚Summary for Policymakers, 2007’, and the Arctic Warming during last Century

2007, February  Fourth IPCC Climate Report,
by WMO & UNEP in 1988?

2007;January   Climate change ‘field experiment’,
 WWII, El Niño

2006, December  A letter to the end of the year 2006

2006, November The book published by ‚iUniverse’, and the corresponding new website.

2006, Oktober War-Change-Climate Thesis enters US market with: iUniverse,

2006, August: The thesis naval war changes climate explained

2006, January: Various essays on legal and scientific
Climate Change matters (1992-1998)