Arnd Bernaerts


14. November 2006

 Subject: The book published by ‚iUniverse’, and the corresponding new website.

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In early November 1939 the Reichskanzler Adolph Hitler had planned to ambush the Western neighbors of the German Reich. The operation was postponed due to three months very extreme rain conditions along the river Rhine. The book “War Changes Climate – The Naval War effect”, published in Canada by: , explains on pages 80 ff the situation and consequences in detail.

The most recently published book: BOOKLET ON NAVALWAR CHANGES CLIMATE which can be found on the website of the publisher on demand “iUniverse” in the USA at:

and even read extracts from the book:

Also the internet presentation of the book has progressed greatly and will be completed soon, due to the commitment and competent efforts of Angela Pop from Romania, as can be viewed on:

There you can even put your comment, and are herewith warmly invited to do so.

Your clear and thoughtful comment would be highly appreciated, admitting, that the war-changes-climate-thesis has not yet shown any sign to be a hit. However, a recent entry in a web log referred to a NASA report on the smoke-track of ships, together with the indication that an impact on the weather by naval war at sea might not be totally out of the blue. Although the smoke-makes-clouds subject is not immediately related to this website naval war thesis, just have a look, it is surprising:

Isn’t it impressive? Did the sudden arrival of 1000 naval ships in combat mission at sea in autumn 1939 contributed to the heavy rain situation indicated earlier? It seems instantly very likely. But how to get climate science not to ignore the extreme weather conditions since autumn 1939 and to explain what has caused them.

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Arnd Bernaerts