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January 2006


Various essays on legal and scientific Climate Change matters (1992-1998)

 Dear Madam or Sir,

Hello Friends,

This web page provides access to a number of previous essays on climate change during the 1990s that might raise the impression of ‘old stuff’. Beware of mistakes, form your own opinion, and discover that the papers offer considerations, which need to be still discussed today to understand climate change problems and handle them without further delay. You may discover on you own that the essays could hardly be timelier. What did the renowned British meteorologist H.H. Lamb [1] observed?

 "Only thirty years ago climatology was generally regarded as the mere dry-as-dust bookkeeping end of meteorology."

Enjoy reading the ‘old stuff’, and just send one or the other paper to a friend or colleague. There is no harm in doing something for improving climate knowledge.

 With best regards

Arnd Bernaerts

 PS: Or would you agree with Jean M. Grove [2] that “Evidently it will be necessary to understand the climate of the deep oceans before a full understanding of changes in the atmosphere can be achieved”.

[1] H.H. Lamb, Meteorological Office Bracknell, Berkshire (UK), “The New Look of Climatology”, NATURE, Vol. 223, September 20, 1969, pp.1209ff. 

 [2] Jean M. Grove, The Little Ice Age, London/New York 1988, p.363.