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IPCC ignores the start of a four decade cooling in winter 1939/40. Why?
J. Everett emphasizes that cooling, rather than warming, is in our future.

 28th January 2008


Why is IPCC ignoring events, which would tell whether carbon dioxide (CO2) is warming the world, or whether the matter should be understood better in the first place? Such a case raising concern is the dramatic drop of winter temperatures in Northern Europe starting in winter 1939/40, which proved to become a global cooling for four decades.  A diagram from Helsinki may show that the drop was extraordinary.


IPCC and the media are ignoring this cooling, says Dr. John Everett. He is a leading expert for global cooling[1], not by chance. He used to be chief of US Marine Fishery Service (NOAA) in the 1970’s when science and media raised concern on global cooling that had been in place since the end of the 1930s[2]. Temperatures had decreased significantly since than.  At his detailed website “Climate Cooling”[3], J. Everett emphasize that cooling, rather than warming, is in our future

Hamburg/Germany – Winter 1939/40

To illustrate the drama in the first winter of World War II, we show two graphs from Hamburg, noting that usually mean temperatures are around zero degrees Celsius, and even the minimum means during January & February is not below minus 1 degrees. That was different in winter 1939/40. Hamburg, Berlin, Halle, Dresden (Northern Germany), but also The Netherlands, Sweden and Finland experienced their coldest winter for about 100 years. Hamburg’s all time record was on 12/13 February 1940 with –29ºC

Suddenly the Little Ice Age was back. WHY?
Why is IPCC not willing, or able to answer this question?







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